How To Practice Loving Kindness Meditation

How To Practice Loving Kindness Meditation

Meditation is often helpful to calm your mind in the tough times. It helps to gather the energy and channelize it in a positive manner. However, people often forget about the relationship between happiness and meditation. Meditation helps the mind to work in a positive way, which has a direct influence on happiness. To make meditation more positive and happiness-oriented all you need to do is perform Loving Kindness Meditation. This form of meditation focuses on positivity and kindness through meditation. Let’s find out how to do it? (Also read: How meditation helps to build a better and stronger relationship)

This mediation is all about spreading positivity and love. So, if you wish to do it there is something you must keep in mind, it starts with you. You are the centre of your own mediation if you have negative thoughts about yourself then you can never reap the fruits of this meditation. So, begin with accepting your own self in a positive manner. Self-love opens the door for love towards other.

Once you are through with this you have to remember 5 important things in the Loving-kindness meditation. (Also read: Three questions that you must ask before you start meditation)

Positive phrases
We often overlook the importance of positive phrase in the process of mediation. So, always start the process with a happy thought about love and kindness.

Happy Visualisation
Put yourself in a happy place. Firstly, imagine and visualise a place that brings you happiness and concentrate all your thoughts there.

Thinking and reflection
Take the time of meditation to think of the positive things and positive words. Therefore, learn to appreciate yourself and gather inspiration and peace.

People often forget the value of repeating a positive mantra in your mind. Pick a phrase that you connect with for positivity and happiness. So, repeat it mentally until you feel the kindness of nature and the universe and you want to give it back.

Take lessons from the peace in life. You must understand that real happiness is more about sharing and giving. This is all the loving-kindness happiness is all about. (Also read: What are the signs that tell you if you are meditating in the right way)

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