How does meditation help to raise the consciousness of body and mind

How does meditation help to raise the consciousness of body and mind

Meditation is a strong way of making your consciousness alert. Though the origin of meditation is uncleared and unanswered yet it has been scientifically backed up that it does help our mind to attain peace. Meditation raises your consciousness and makes you aware of the happenings in your surroundings, boosts your concentration, boosts sensory perception, controls the flow of emotions and keep you healthy and fit.

Below are the benefits that meditation does to our consciousness.

1. Meditation helps to live in present: There comes a time when we are completely lost in our own world even though living in the present. This usually leads us to live a depressed and lost life. We often miss out the major events of our life that could bring happiness to us. One must be wide awake to know what events are taking place and what is going around us. Meditation helps to connect with the present world by giving up our long lost thoughts.

2. The flow of thoughts in mind:
Our mind is a residence for the thoughts travelling to and fro. There are innumerable thoughts that come and fill up our mind and the more we respond to them, the more they lit up. Over thinking becomes our practice and there is so much going on in our mind at one time, that we can’t escape the thinking process. We often then tend to ignore the reality and live in our own created world. We usually forget that our mind too needs a break from this thought process. Meditation helps to control the thoughts of the mind and to attain internal peace.

3. Taking control of your mind: What could be best than taking control of your mind and the flow of emotions as well as thoughts. We often put ourselves in trouble because we are not able to have a control over the mind. The arrival and departure of thoughts that should not even affect us, leaves a long-lasting impact over on our mind. Meditation helps to control this situation and understand the mind and its functioning. This will help to enlighten your consciousness.

4. Meditation also affects the consciousness of our mind scientifically:
While the origin of meditation is undiscovered. The true awakening of consciousness is also in a mess when it comes to scientific proves. While one meditates deeply, he experiences theta, delta brain waves which become more prominent. Meditation helps to awaken our inner consciousness and releases our mind from the state of the storehouse of thoughts.

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