Benefits of breathing meditation and how it is performed

Benefits of breathing meditation and how it is performed

Breathing meditation is one of the best practices one could undertake to find peace and stability in life. It is one of the simplest and the most convenient form of meditation. One can feel the difference by practising this exercise daily as it is easy to carry out. There will be a positive and significant change in your life. Listed below are some tips and steps to carry out this form of meditation:

1. Finding a comfortable position: Though meditation aims at bringing internal peace, one should also find a peaceful place where meditation can be practised.The place should be calm enough that one can hear his own breathing and concentrate on the same. One needs to relax the body and mind. As long as one is comfortable with the body posture he is sitting in, no specific position should be taken care of. However, do not get too comfortable that you ultimately sleep without doing the meditation.

2. Setting an alarm: Setting an alarm will help you to note the time, while you practice your meditation. There are a lot of chances that a person might also fall asleep as this meditation provides so much peace and calmness. In order of not sleeping for a long time or get involved in it beyond your time limit, setting an alarm is a good option.

3. Breath from your Diaphragm: Relax your body, shoulders and take a deep breath. You will notice that your belly expands while you inhale (take in oxygen). One should keep a watch on his breathing pattern, instead of making a change in a breathing exercise. A disturbed breathing exercise won’t let you concentrate properly and attain serenity.

4. Lay focus on your breath:
The best technique to practice breathing meditation is to focus on every single breath. As a result of which, the thoughts that visit your mind and the environment that creates disturbance will be at bay. Keep your mind stable and you will notice the difference that your body will undergo. Ignore the disturbances and pay heed to your breathing pattern.

5. Practice this meditation daily: Practising meditation will help you to change your mood and to get peace. What matters is the time you take out to do the meditation and sit for the same, not to the amount of the time you sat in the meditation. So make it your habit and feel the change in you.

Tip for breathing meditation: The travelling thoughts causing distraction is quite normal. There are million of things that your mind will remind you while you are meditating. Just ignore them and lay focus on your breath.

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