An effective meditation technique to calm the mind

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An effective meditation technique to calm the mind

Meditation is necessary to bring peace and calmness to the mind. It not only helps in relaxation but also restricts the mind from wandering around. Meditation helps to have a self-analysis and find out what is troubling you deep inside your head. It eventually pauses you to analyse things in a better way and come at peace. We all are occupied with millions of thoughts all through the day. However, there are certain matters which dug deep into our mind and keep troubling us. It makes you mentally exhausted and tired. You can neither concentrate nor can find a solution for the same. Thus, meditation is one of the effective exercises to bring that mind at rest. Here’s how you can do meditation to calm the mind. (Also read: How does meditation help in the process of healing)

An effective meditation technique to calm the mind

Hear the sounds around you: When we are tensed, we often try to ignore the things that trouble us. This is where we make a mistake. We should pay attention to all the thoughts and sounds coming to us. When we try to restrict things, they often disturb us more. So, let them come and pass. This will help you to relax.

Scan your body mentally: Feel every part of your body and notice how you feel. From your head to your toe, feel every sensation and vibration. You will notice a lot of different sensations in your body. Don’t be in hurry. Stay a little to notice the sense of changes in your body. (Also read: How to de-stress yourself in the evening after having a stressful day)

Count your breaths: Counting our breathing flow is quite effective if we want to relax. Just follow the rhythm of your breaths and relax.

Let the thoughts come: You might be getting troubled with the lots of thoughts that keep coming to your mind and scare you. Avoiding them will not bring peace to your mind. Acknowledge them and let them pass away. Till the time you will avoid them, you will not be able to relax. Facing the things that scare us, is the biggest solution to defeat them.

Set your mind free: For once, let your mind free when you are meditating. Let all the thoughts, actions, voices come and go. But in case your mind goes far off, control it. You really need to learn how to keep a check on your mind. Try to control your brain and get hold of it.

Do this whenever you feel overburdened by the negative thoughts and want some relaxation. You will eventually notice that when your mind finds peace, your negative thoughts will fade away. (Also read: Some surprising benefits of christian meditation)

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