Amazing Tips To Follow If You Fall Asleep During Meditation

Amazing Tips To Follow If You Fall Asleep During Meditation

Meditation is an activity of taking a deep rest. Performing meditation takes the mind into a complete resting position while dissolving all the thoughts. Practising this activity is essential to give the mind a sense of relaxation. However, some people find it difficult to meditate initially and they fall asleep in the mid of practice.

Therefore, these are some amazing tips mentioned below which can stop you from falling asleep during the meditation.

Meditate with eyes open
If you are facing the problem of falling asleep while meditating then practice the same with your eyes open. Usually, meditation involves closing the eyes, but since you feel sleepy while doing this, you can do meditation with open eyes with a downward gaze which is helpful.

Maintain the right posture
Sitting in a right posture and then meditating is of utmost importance. Meditation involves sitting with an upright back with ease. Thus, check your posture during short intervals to correct if you have bent. Not sitting in a straight posture can make you sleep.

Switch on the lights
Meditate in absolute light. If you perform meditation keeping the lights off or in a dark then you must change this routine. Meditating, keeping the lights off will let you fall asleep. Either open the window to let sun rays come inside or switch on the lights for better brightness.

Take a nap if you are tired
If you are tired and practising the meditation, you will ultimately doze off breaking the connectivity. Therefore, to avoid the slumber try taking a nap to feel refreshed and then start with the activity again.

Meditate in morning
Mornings are fresh and meditation should be performed at this time. While meditating, you communicate with your inner self hence, you have to be energetic. If you are doing the same practice in the night, you may feel sleepy. Thus, you must change the timings.

Meditate while walking
Yes, you can also meditate while walking. If in a sitting posture you fall asleep then walking meditation can be useful for you. However, where in the sitting posture you take breathing as an object while walking it has to be the touching of your foot to the ground.

Changing of habits and self-realisation is important to know the reason of your sleepiness while you meditate. Thus, you can eradicate your sleep while performing meditating if you follow these amazing tips for meditation.

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