Learn from Virat Kohli on how to convert your anger and aggression into success

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How does aggression leads to success like Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli’s name is turning synonyms for a dedicated, passionate and aggressive cricketer. As the captain of Indian Cricket team, he has always kept his spectators amazed with his skills. However, it is not just Virat’s skills that set him apart from rest of the player, it is his anger and aggression that has raised the eyebrows of everyone. It is important to understand that people often mistake anger for aggression. Anger is simply an emotion, whereas aggression is a choice. Virat’s aggression emerges from his drive to win, his dedication towards doing better and mostly his focus on his passion. (Also read: What are the signs that you are dealing with an evil person)

How does aggression leads to success like Virat Kohli
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Virat Kohli was recently awarded Padma Shree for his skills and performance. The ‘ God’ of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar himself spoke highly about Virat’s aggression. Virat’s aggression has often compared to a “spark” that sets him apart from his fellow cricketer. In Tendulkar’s own words “His (Kohli’s) attitude hasn’t changed since he got into the team. I noticed that spark in him which many guys were not fond of and there were many guys who were criticising him for that.” Virat Kohli is dominating the world of cricket today with 49 international centuries and the fastest 7000 runs under his wings. A lot of this is connected to his expression of his passion.

How Virat’s anger and aggression turned him to the most passionate player?

How to convert anger and aggression into productive power like Virat Kholi
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Aggression is a choice or simply a path you pick for yourself. It motivates you to perform more and to do better. Often people consider that aggression is a bad thing. However, in reality, it all depends on how you treat your aggression. If you are not driven by an impulse to do better or prove yourself then you will stay stuck in the average life forever. Virat Kholi rose above the tag of an average player. He started out with an aim to be the best and he used his aggression or temper as the push. He has never shown any sympathy for the negative performance and always gave his full commitment to winning. People often claim that Virat is quite in contrast to the usual idea of Indian cricketer. However, he remains unshattered and focused on using his anger to bring out the best in him. (Also read: Effective ways to tame your anger)

How can we use our anger and aggression in a productive way?

How to convert anger and aggression into productive power like Virat Kholi
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Channelize it
Firstly, pick a direction for your anger. Think hard about your passion and dreams and feel the need to move towards it. Use your aggression to channelize your energy.

Move from anger to aggression
Your anger is an emotion, but aggression is a decision. So, pick your anger and turn it into a drive for success and winning. Always focus on making the best decision using your energy as your driving force.

Work hard aggressively
This the important thing. Use your aggression to be the best version of yourself. Practice, work hard and finally strive for success. You must use your aggression so that you don’t settle down for simply average. Move above and beyond that.

Challenge your fears
The worst fear most people have is the fear of failure. However, people like Virat Kholi work against their fears using aggression. So, if you fall behind, put your anger of the failure, turn it into a drive of success using your aggression.

Don’t settle
The true mark of anyone with positive aggression is he or she doesn’t settle. Your aggression is your force, your driving impulse and your passion. So, use that to be more productive and to move forward without settling for anything less than that. (Also read: What are the amazing life lessons we can learn from animals)

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