Know how mental health is equally important as physical health

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Know how mental health is equally important as physical health

Mental health is as important as physical health. It enables a person to act in difficult situations like stress, fear, tiredness, sorrow etc in the right way. Coping with the situations can vary from person to person. If you are not able to manage the difficult situations in your life, it is absolutely fine because everybody does not have the same capabilities.

Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, panic, disorders etc. These all depend on the thoughts one build up in his mind. Mental health is a psychological well-being. World Health Organisation has defined health as, “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity .” Hence, according to this definition, mental health is important as well as physical health.

Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, panic, disorders, etc all depend on the thoughts one build up in his mind. And mental health is a psychological well-being.

Mental health v/s illness:
We should take care of our mental health in the same way we do with our physical health. A mentally healthy person have a successful working mind which helps in building good relationships with others and behaving normally in diverse situations. On the other hand, mental illness causes disorder in the functions and poses threats to the well-being. It alters the way of thinking, mood, behaviour and livelihood.

If an individual is suffering from depression, anxiety, phobia, panic etc, it means his mental health has been challenged. Difficulties increase by our day to day activities where people loses the control over them and it hampers the mental health. This is a condition of suffering from mental illness which requires treatments.

Make your mental health well:
There are plenty of ways available to improve your mental health depending upon your thinking and will power. It’s easy to identify and handle the wellness of our outer selves, but, when it comes to the mental health, our mind is the only thing which should be controlled by willpower and confident.

You should always try to love and respect yourself first.  Loving your inner self would not let you feel guilty, upset, bad or depressed. It would also let you feel happy and think positive about life. There are only a few factors which bring happiness in your lives such as good people, exercise, travel etc. Surround yourself with a bunch of good people. Join any club or any activity house to cherish your hobby, you will start loving yourself. If you are not capable of loving yourself then you can never love others.

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