How to stop procrastination using 6 simple steps

How to stop procrastination using 6 simple steps

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Everyone wishes to move forward in life and achieve success and happiness. However, not everyone actually manages to do it, the main reason behind is the habit of putting off the hard work for later. This habit is called procrastination. It simply means that even when you know that you have to wrap a task, you avoid it and laze around. It turns into a habit of putting the work to the last minute. Procrastination depriving ourselves of the possible success in both personal and professional life. It is a deadly habit as it stops a person from achieving his or her full potential and as result, it turns a normal situation stressful. Therefore, it is important to know how to avoid procrastination. (Also read: How to follow your dreams despite society’s pressure)

Make a firm decision to take action
The most common habit of a procrastinator is that they are unable to take a decision. So, when you have an assignment task, take the decision to take action. Remind yourself that you are doing it for yourself and respect your own word.

Make a do to list
Making a list helps to remember the task to do in the right sequence and order. It also helps to stay motivated and finish the list that you mad for yourself.

Don’t exaggerate the work
That is the biggest reason behind the habit of procrastination. Most people try to fool themselves into thinking that they have a lot of tasks to do. That’s why instead of doing it, they tend to laze around and avoid. Remind yourself that everything becomes easy if you stay positive about it. (Also read: How to change negative thoughts into positive ones)

Motivate yourself using rewards
Rewards are an important part of the positive motivation. Whenever you feel like avoiding the task in hand, use positive motivation. Motivate yourself using a small reward, it will create a desire to finish the task in hand at the earliest.

Get rid of the distraction
Everyone faces some sort of distraction while working like social media, phone calls etc. So, it is important to keep things that distract you aside and stay motivated.

Finish the task completely
Make sure that you don’t leave the task in middle. It becomes much harder to finish it then. So, always finish the job in hand before you start to relax. (Also read: What are the Facts and myths about left-handed people)

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