How to help your friend to come out of depression

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How to help your friend to come out of depression

Depression is one of the most chronic mental states. No one realises when and how depression grabs them in its clutches. We often see people around us suffering from depression, but they find it hard to talk about the same. Sometimes, our closest friend falls into the trap of depression. Thus, it becomes utmost important for us to help them out in that stressful state. Every year, thousands of people commit suicide as they are in a depression.

Here’s how you can help out your friend when they are in depression:

Read the signs: You need to be extra cautious while reading the signs your friend gives. If your friend is in distress or has an anxiety issue, they must be behaving differently. They often feel isolated and usually feel like spending time alone. However, talking less or remaining confined to oneself are other probable signs.

Listen to what they say: It’s a blessing to have someone who can listen to you. If you think your friend is disturbed because of something, listen to them. They might want to share what their heart aches at. This could either be their ill health or any of their personal issue. Being heard by someone close is the greatest healing.

Talk about their state: If you think your friend is behaving weirdly and is not in his normal self, then talk to him. Ask him about what’s wrong! There must be something that has been troubling them, inquire about it. Make them comfortable enough that they do not hesitate in sharing their problem. Depression is a tough state, it has to be eradicated from the roots as soon as possible. A depressed person will only communicate his feelings if he gets assurance.

Find a way out: You have to act smart. Support your friend! Take them out and treat them with things that make them happy. Talk to them quite often. This will help to fill the isolation in their life. They need a support during this time and no one better than a friend can provide it.

Take them for therapy: If you think that your friend needs medical attention, do not delay! take them to a therapist at the earliest. Convince them that it is okay to visit a therapist when you need mental peace. This will eventually help them to cope up with depression.

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