How To Handle The Spirituality Questioning In Your Children

How To Handle The Spirituality Questioning In Your Children

Spirituality is a connection with the divine. A simple prayer, visiting the holy place and performing various rituals make us feel connected with the God. What we do poses a direct impact on children. Thus, giving a rise to questions on spirituality.

Kids generally question everything they observe. Therefore, at this time it is the responsibility of parents to answer all the queries because this is the only time when the children either build their trust in divine or lose faith.

Age factor
The age of your child plays a major role when you are solving their curiosity on spirituality. During teenage, when the child is of thirteen years or elder, you cannot shove him or her. You must guide them in every possible way with the absolute truth. The maturity level of the child also counts here if they are able to grasp spirituality or not. Hence, answer them accordingly.

Listen to their beliefs
It is very important to know the beliefs of your children. You must be aware if your child believe in that supreme power or not. Moreover, if they are negative about it, you must make efforts to the reason behind their assumption. Make an open discussion with them without pouring over your thoughts.

Their likes and dislikes
Further, you must ask your child as to either he or she likes being spiritual or not. If the answer is yes, then ask about their positive gestures. However, if they do not believe in spirituality then you must make a point of listening to thought procedure. The child may have certain questions in regards to religion. Hence, make an effort to guide him on the right path in all possible ways.

Following the values
In many cases it has been observed that children follow the path of spirituality when their lifestyle is as per the spiritual values. Well! these tender ones are mature enough. Children often walk into the footsteps of their elders. Hence, you must keep a note to your values. If they find you away from the religious beliefs then even they cannot build a faith on spirituality.

Spirituality is in instinct. Some children are theist and some are atheist and it all depends on how their queries are resolved. Some seek enlightment and it is the responsibility of parents to be their true guide without any inflicts. Thus, handle the spirituality questions in your children with utmost attention!

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