How to check if you are heading towards a nervous breakdown 

How to check if you are heading towards a nervous breakdown

Nervous breakdown is a state of mental illness which follows severe depression, stress or anxiety. Most people who are at this medical condition end up being in the hospital. It is because people at this situation go out of control. Understanding the situations that might lead to the breaking beforehand and taking the adequate precautions is the way out.

Basically, such a breakdown is usually an indicator of mental health problems which need treatment.

At this stage, the patients feel intense depression, stress, or anxiety which hinders their daily life routines. They become emotionally down, they lose all the hope from life and thus think that they will never be able to return to the normal life they have been into before.

Although it’s possible for someone’s mental health to go from perfect to rock bottom in an instant, it doesn’t usually work that way.

Here are some indicators that tell if you are heading towards a nervous breakdown and what precautions we can take to prevent them.

A mental health issue which you can’t manage well

A mental health crisis somebody face may lead to such a mental breakdown. If you have already been suffering from depression, anxiety, or another problem then go for the adequate treatment. It can bring the situations under control. Also, switch doctors or the experts you are consulting if the present treatments are not much effective.

Abusing alcohol or drugs

A constant habit of abusing can be an indicator of an upcoming mental breakdown situation.  If you start abusing after consuming alcohol or if you abuse the drugs which were prescribed by your physician, this an alert. Your body and health and mental health have to go hand in hand.

Extra stressful life

An extra stressful life would land you in trouble. Cancer diagnoses, divorce, break up, got fired from a job are some such examples which can make you more stressed. None of this won’t directly lead to stress. Still, they care capable of raising the risk of break down.

If a person who suffers stress feels that he is being pushed to the brink, or feel like not eating or sleeping, he also needs a medical help on an urgent basis.

Panic attacks

Panic attacks can be an indicator of a nervous breakdown if it happens very frequently. A person who suffers from this may feel like committing suicide. They also become more tense and overstimulated.

Feel numb

Some people become deprived of any emotions and end up being attacked by the breakdown. Now, they might stop caring how they look. Also, they lose interest in activities they used to enjoy earlier. Similarly, they start keeping them away from family and friends.

Unmanagable Normal life

If you find that the simple things you used to do become unmanageable, understand there is something wrong. You have the possibility of heading towards a breakdown. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a trained mental health professional at this stage who can help them to identify the underlying conditions or the triggering event. Leaving them untreated would lead to serious health hazards.

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