Why despite having everything we are not happy

Why despite having everything we are not happy

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We live in a world that is ruled by technology. We have everything on the tip of our finger. From a good job, salary and even a good life with family and friends. Life is full of ups and downs, but that does not decide anyone’s fate, rather it is a part of life. If you think about this from a broad perspective, you will understand we are happy with whatever we have and what we are planning to achieve. So, from where this unhappiness is coming from? Despite having everything in life, such as a house, job, good salary, cars, family, love; we are not happy. (Also Read: Tips to feel happier instantly during an unhappy time)

The answer is lying on the question itself. You have everything which is your need but still, you want more. The need is your necessity and want is your luxury. This might help you to understand better. Here are few reasons which tell you why we are not happy despite having everything in life.

The fear of losing everything:
When we have everything in life, we are happy. But deep inside the corner of the mind, we invent a fear which keeps growing. This fear is all about losing everything. As we all know that life is a roller-coaster ride. If we have happiness now it will definitely change into sadness in life. But overcoming the sadness is the proof of a healthy mind. So, never pet a fear in your life about your possessions. It would make you stressed out and depressed even after having everything in life.

Lack of Satisfaction:
The ‘Want’ in our lives are unending. If you have a bike today you feel like to have a car tomorrow then you will feel like to upgrade the car model. The satisfaction level within us is very low. It is human instinct to make the ‘need’ of life into ‘want’. In spite of having a well-paid job, people look forward to having more salary and better job profile. It is good to look forward always, but it is not good to engross yourself to get more possessions in life. This dissatisfaction can bring unhappiness in your life. (Also Read: Habits Which Steal Our Happiness Right Away)

Seeing others growing more than you:
Life is not stable. If somebody has nothing today there are possibilities that he get everything tomorrow. Hence, in this perspective, nobody can judge anyone. It is possible that whatever others might not have or can have more than you. So, seeing someone and depressing yourself is not a good habit. Others can have more than you but what you have is sufficient enough to live life.

Being proud of the possession and telling this to everybody:
If you have everything in life, that is excellent but being proud of it and telling this to others is not a good practice. You may have many things in life, like a good job, good salary, cars, bikes etc. But flaunting this with a proud heart can be your negative side. You might be happy, but when you any of your possessions will be lost, you will become unhappy. These are your negative thinking which is the hindrance in your happiness. (Also Read: What Are The Myths And Facts Of Happiness)

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