Why Chasing Happiness Does Not Make Us Happy

Why Chasing Happiness Does Not Make Us Happy

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We all chase happiness, think about it and talk about it every single day. We also try to pursue this continuous state of “happiness” as our goal consciously and sub consciously. But have you ever thought, the more you are thinking about it, the more you are losing it? I mean, does chasing happiness make you happy? We should always remember that when we experience sadness then only we understand what is it to be happy.

So, it is clear that chasing for happiness does not make us happy or I should rather say, it becomes impossible to stay happy consistently. Want to know why? Read this:

We find others happier than us:
Those who have an almost perfect life with money and family, are extremely happy, we think from outside. We assume them the happiest people because their lives seem to be perfect. We have grown reading fairy tales. Where we learnt about the concept of “happily-ever-after”. So, our tiny mind took that thing seriously in our childhood but could not change itself by the progress of time. On Social media, we see many people are enjoying and seem perfect which creates an impact on our mind about others. So it’s very easy to have a distorted vision of happiness around us.

We are not satisfied with the amount of happiness:
As we all know nobody is having a perfect life even if anybody seems so. From the richest billionaire to world famous movie star, have their own set of challenges in life. We never look forward to the bigger perspectives of life. We try to get into the small curves of life which might not even mean a lot to us. But when the negativity comes, we focus on the problems only. No matter we have other sources to be happy, but we will only engross with the grief.

Just be happy, stop trying to be:
It is natural seeking for happiness. It is our natural instinct. Firstly, please stop believing that a perfect life means happiness. To be truly happy, you do not have a cry for permanent happiness. be a brave soul who understands the happiness in the fluctuation of positive and negative events. The value of gratitude is huge. Just be happy with whatever you have. Stop chasing happiness.

Because happiness and Sadness never leave each other:
Always remember, your happiness and sadness are interrelated. Moreover, our life is a roller-coaster ride. Sometimes happiness comes, other times sadness appears. So, whether our house is warmed by the sunshine or our heart is dampened by the rain. These all are the part of life. Do not try to avoid the sadness and blindly chase happiness. At the end, one will definitely drag other.

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