What things you do which can harm your happiness

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What things you do which can harm your happiness

Happiness is not a fleeting feeling, it is a choice you make. It is really easy to blame others and the situation for your unhappiness. For example, some people think that if they have a better job they will be happier, or a better house etc. However, to be happy you have to rise above these excuses and probe deeper into your life. There are many things that we do that have an impact on our happiness. So, in a way we are destroying our own happiness. It is certainly important to know about these things so that you can avoid them and turn your life happier. (Also read: What are the promises you must make to yourself to be happy)

It is good to think of your life and plan ahead, but when all you do is thinking, then you miss out on happiness. Happiness is not something that you can plan or organize. It comes from within, but when your mind is overclouded with excessive thinking, there is not enough room for happiness.

Never taking a chance
You are so set in your ways that you don’t wish to take a chance in life. If you want to seek happiness in life, you have to start somewhere. Take a chance on your happiness, do things that you are afraid to and change the life you have. (Also read: What are the ways to value your self-worth)

Too much digital connection, not enough real
It is amazing how the digital world can connect you to anyone in the world. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore the real-life connections. Make sure you take time to connect with your friends and family.

Too many expectations
It is good to have expectations in life, but that doesn’t mean until then you’ll simply wait for the happiness. Your happiness is dependent on the way you perceive life. You can find happiness in little things as well.

No self-love
It is important to remember that you are one of a kind. So, when you hate your body or think negative about your life. You are just pushing your happiness away. So, find love for yourself. (Also read: How to cheer yourself up when you are feeling blue)

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