Finding Happiness Tips: What things we tend to mistake for happiness

Things You Think Will Make You Happy, But They Don't

Things You Think Will Make You Happy, But They Don't

The search for happiness is lifelong for some people. People connect happiness to so many things in their lives. They sometimes think that happiness is about popularity, richness etc. The truth of the matter is happiness is anything you want it to be. However, due to this idea, people often think that certain things can lead to happiness. This is why people make mistakes when it comes to happiness. There are a few things that we all think will lead to happiness, but they don’t. So, it important to know of the things that most people confuse with happiness that you should consider. (Also read: Finding Happiness: Why happiness is a journey, not a destination)

Things You Think Will Make You Happy, But They Don’t

  • Stressful job
  • Happiness for others
  • Materialistic things
  • Relationship

Stressful job

Things You Think Will Make You Happy, But They Don't
Stressful job can kill your happiness everyday

Stress is the enemy of the happiness. So, it is almost ironical that people take up a stressful job thinking that it is going to make them happy. The job that is causing excessive stress is going to destroy your mental peace. So, you might think it is happiness but it is not.

Happiness for others
When we think of joy in life, we forget about one very important thing. It is different for everyone. For example, dancing might make someone happy, but it might not work out right for you. What makes a person happy is not really the same for you. So, think of your own happiness first. (Also read: Finding happiness- Why your happiness is always in your present)

Materialistic things
Many people assume that happiness is about things. Like a new dress, a new car etc. However, this is a frivolous notion as this joy is temporary. Money or things can get you temporary happiness can’t buy permanent happiness.

Happiness in life depends on you and just you. So, if you think that getting into a relationship is magically make you happy then you are wrong. It is important to be comfortable and being happy on your own.

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