What things to avoid when you are feeling down

What things to stay from when you are feeling down

It is difficult to maintain a happy face all the time. Often you feel let down or hurt in life, be it bad office presentations, personal problems or even for no reason. In that moments you can find out plenty of things to do and ways to avoid the negative feeling. At the same time, it is important to know what things you should never do when you are upset. It is natural to feel low and upset about things in time, but this doesn’t mean you will surrender to it. Let’s find out what things you must avoid when you are upset! (Also read: How to overcome your insecurities)

Smoking and drinking
It might seem like an easy option to switch to smoking or drinking when you are upset. However, the truth is, these drinks are not just harmful to your health, they are also helping you to escape the truth. You need to face the problem to find the solution for it.

Staying alone and inside the house
It might certainly seem like a good idea to avoid any human interaction when you are upset. This will only make you feel worse. So, instead of doing that get out the house and relax a little. (Also read: How to be more social)

Seeking support from toxic people
You have all sorts people in life, some of them are optimistic and some of them are pessimistic. When you are dealing with a sad time then remember that you need to step out of this negative feeling. Talk to those who make you feel happy and positive.

Holding yourself responsible for everything
When the bad time strikes, it is easy to blame yourself completely and feel negative about the whole thing. Bad time and situation can happen to anyone. Don’t focus on the pain, just commit to getting better.

Giving up
Giving up sounds like the best option when you are feeling down. However, this way you are just hurting yourself as you are quitting on your happiness. (Also read: Amazing brain hacks to make you smarter)

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