What Are The Myths And Facts Of Happiness

What are the Myths And Facts Of Happiness

Being happy is not just making your heart happy. It is all together a combined association of your mind, body, and soul. The first step for being happy is to change the perception and the views regarding happiness. The mirror is your reality.

Sometimes you may say you are happy but standing in front of the mirror and saying this is a different thing. The real meaning of happiness has inherited into the myths which people conserve.

Let us explore those myths and facts of happiness and check how many of us are lying to others by saying we are “Happy”.

Myth 1: The entire happiness is an acquisition:
Many of us usually think that happiness is an acquisition. When you marry, relocate your house, get money, position, promotion, you feel happy and think that this was your much-awaited destination and now you are happy to get them. But according to experts, these acquisitions are nothing but your 10 percent contributory happiness.

Lasting happiness has more to do with how you behave and think. 40 percent of your happiness is lying on your hands only. You can only bring your entire happiness, although these destinations are also important but not more than your own happiness.

Myth 2: You always adapt to your happiness set point:

It’s true that people tend to adapt quickly to positive changes in their lives. In fact, adaptation is one of the big obstacles to becoming happier. The long-awaited house, the new car, the prestigious job. All can bring a temporary boost but then recede into the background over time.

What Are The Myths And Facts Of Happiness

Negative emotions might edge out positive emotions. This is because they’re telling you to find a problem and fix it. But positive emotions appear to win out over time because they let you build on what you have, a finding reinforced by a recent study.

Myth 4: Happiness is all about hedonism:
There’s more to happiness than racking up pleasurable experiences. In fact, helping others is the most direct route to happiness. An exciting new research proved the link between doing good and living a longer, healthier, happier Life.

For most people, a pretty low threshold of activity practised well makes a difference. This might involve volunteering just one or two hours each week or doing five generous things weekly practices that are above and beyond what we normally do.

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