What Are The Things Where Unhappy People Seek Happiness

What Are The Things Where Unhappy People Seek Happiness

Happiness is something which comes from within but many people do not understand this. They opt for various methods to be happy and also seek happiness in places or things but all in vain. Being happy is very important to lead a good life but understand that happiness is not a materialistic object which you can get anywhere. You have to make changes within and in your surroundings to be happy. There are many things where unhappy people seek happiness which are discussed below and it is a time to stop it. Read the article to know more. [Also Read: How does a happy mind lead to a healthy body]

Seek Happiness In Their New Relationship:

Being in a relationship means there is a true give and take of love. However, if you have planned to seek happiness in your relationship then this is something selfishness. You cannot seek something in a relationship as love is beyond all expectations. However, if you keep this thought then you won’t be satisfied with your relationship also, you will be not able to satisfy your partner.

Shopping Treasure:

If you seek happiness when you are on a shopping or purchase then please understand it is momentary. Happiness is everlasting which makes the soul happy. Materialistic things do give happiness but at a particular moment. [Also Read: How self-care helps you to stay happy during the toughest time]

Change In Physical Appearance:

A healthy body is good for a healthy life but that is not the sole mantra for happiness. If you think that a good body and a perfect figure will make people attract you and you’ll be happy then please note, you are wrong.


Money is a necessity of life but it can’t buy happiness. You can spend your leisure time and be happy but you can’t get happiness for long with money. Happiness is when your soul is happy when you have gratitude for everything and not by money.


If you have a mindset that escaping from a situation which can hamper your mood will make you happy is extremely wrong. Escapism again will give you momentary happiness but life is a circle, you have to go through the same situation again if you won’t face it. [Also Read: How Different Colours Can Affect Our Brain and Mood]

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