How are selfies related to the happiness of a person

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How are selfies related to the happiness of a person

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Stress, tiredness and depression are some of the basic part and parcel of one’s life. Thus, a person keeps on finding certain things that can make them happy. Selfie is so much in trend for a long time now. It is one of the instant medium for happiness and gives us a good feeling. Whenever you ask someone for a picture they all of sudden instantly change the mood. Even if a person is depressed, sad, crying, annoyed etc. a selfie can instantly turn their mood into a happy one. Let’s discuss how a simple selfie can help you to stay happy. (Also read: How does a happy mind lead to a healthy body)

How are selfies related to the happiness of a person?

You can take ample of pictures: The most important benefit of taking a selfie is that you can take a lot of pictures on your own. You don’t have to ask someone to click pictures. According to the study by Psychology of Well-Being, a research was done on 41 people where it was found that selfie works as a mood booster. It gives them happiness.

You feel proud of yourself
How are selfies related to the happiness of a person

People often take a selfie when they think they are looking good. Whenever they wear new clothes and do something new, they always click a selfie. It suggests that you are happy with your own self and are proud of something you are doing. This makes you feel perfect about your own self and helps you to stay happy. (Also read: What are the signs that suggest negativity)

Accepting the way you are: The most amazing fact about selfie is you are proud of yourself and quite confident. You don’t find faults in you and are quite happy with your looks. It shows a new flare of confidence and pride in you. It means you love to be the way you are and love yourself unconditionally. The opinion of other people does not bother you much.

Leads to closeness in a relationship: Those who are in long distance relationship often take selfies to exchange it with their partners. A phone is a medium to connect two people in a relationship. Thus, selfie helps to exchange their whereabouts and make them both connected. When you can’t see someone in person, you can always send a good morning selfie to make them feel loved. (Also read: How to become your own best friend)

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