How To Make A Life Instead Of Surviving

How To Make A Life Instead Of Surviving

The life we are living is a gift of almighty. After 84 lakhs of species births, we come to earth in the form of human beings to live our life to the fullest. However, are we all doing the same? Are we living the kind of life we always dreamed of? Or, are we following the right path? Most of you will fumble in answering these questions because the fact is that we are just surviving and not living the life. We work for stipulated hours in a day, get back home, eat, talk and sleep but what’s next? Is that the sole purpose of your life? Do you just want to be a time controlled robot? No! you have given this life to make use of it and live it to the extreme. Hence, you must know that how to make a life instead of surviving.

Work Hard, Enjoy Harder:

You have to work hard to earn and serve yourself and your family. If you are ambitious enough, it is good. But, are you so much involved in making a living that you have forgot to live? When was the last time you did not think of money, career, future plans, investment and did not bother yourself? It may have gone ages. Please understand that by continuously poking yourself, you can’t achieve something. Go out and enjoy your life to imbibe positive spirits in you that you can achieve a lot more. Work hard and enjoy harder to reunite the passion and enthusiasm for life.

Make Time For Things You Avoided:

For long you may not have met your friend’s group, you did not watch a movie or you did not spend time with your family. Why? because you get too tired up with the pressure of surviving life to make it your dream life that you are losing your present. The present in which you are now was somewhere your plan in the past and as you are in trouble now, the same would continue. So, to stop the chain, make a move for the things you have been avoiding. Your happiness can unlock many doors.

Money Is What You Require The Other Way:

Money solely cannot give you happiness until it is combined with the things you need it. So, spend the money you have in the things you love so that you can make more out of it. Go for a trip and cheer yourself to make a new start.

Party Or Catch Up With Friends, To Excel In Work:

Hectic schedules make you feel tired. The working days are so occupied that the free time you get either goes in sleeping or eating. Thus, go for an outing or party with friends during weekends. This will let you refresh your mind, keep you satisfied and will gear you up for the next working day.

Thus, to live a life you have to get out of the monotony. Have some adventures, fun, enthusiasm and passion to live the life on your own terms and not just survive to make a living.

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