How to increase dopamine level in your brain naturally

how to increase dopamine level in your brain naturally

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Dopamine is a hormone that is found in our brain. It is also known as the happy hormone. It is responsible for promoting the sense of happiness and well being. Dopamine controls the level of happiness, joy, inspiration and our mood. However, the lower level of dopamine leads to stress, anxiety, lack of will power and even addiction to unhealthy habits. However, there is no need to worry, as using natural methods and ways we all can increase the dopamine levels naturally. [Also read: Why despite having everything we are not happy]

Quit the unhealthy habits
Addiction to any bad substance can hamper the dopamine level in our body. To maintain the higher level of happy hormone, it is better to avoid addictions to cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. However, they might provide a temporary high, but in the long run, they ruin our general well being.

Set small goals
Whenever we finish off a task our dopamine level rises. So, it is better to set small goals to maintain a healthy level of dopamine. It gives a feeling of constant positive energy the whole day.

Know your potential
Dopamine helps to recognize your own potential and passion. Getting involved in a task that gives your energy and happiness increases your dopamine levels. That is why people who give time to their hobbies have a higher dopamine level. It promotes a sense of positive vibes. [Also read: How to achieve true happiness in life]

Get involved in physical activities
Regular workout routine, or taking part in a sport, or jogging are few things that help the body to stay fit and healthy. However, people don’t know that physical workout and involvement helps to pump up the levels of dopamine as well.

Eat more Tyrosine based food item
Tyrosine is a kind of amino acid. It increases the levels of dopamine level. Eating foods rich in tyrosine helps to maintain a healthy level of dopamine in the body. Food items such as almonds, chocolates, banana, eggs etc are rich in tyrosine.

All these things help to maintain a higher level of Dopamine in the body. [Also read: How does happy brain keep a person positive]

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