How to become your own best friend

How to become your own best friend

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Friendship is a beautiful relationship. It is a support system that we all desire to have in our life. But relying on someone else for support and setting expectations is not at all a good thing. It will only lead to heart break and broken expectations. Instead of being dependent on others why can’t we be our own best friend? One should set expectations from oneself instead of finding happiness outside. No feeling is as great as being the reason for your own happiness. (Also read: How to achieve true happiness in life)

Here is how one can become his/her own best friend:

Respect your needs: Once you are in a habit of your own self, you will find peace. You will stop looking for other’s advice and instead look out for your own. You will automatically get to know what you need at what time and what should be your next move. Your decisions will become independent and free from influence.

Be good with yourself: Treat yourself as any of your friends will treat you. Or the way you will treat any of your friends. This will involve bringing little surprises, support and refreshing your own mood. Start seeing your positive side and encourage all the good things and traits you possess. Be your own critic when required but do not degrade yourself. Always be your own support system just like any of your friends. (Also read: Habits Which Steal Our Happiness Right Away)

When in doubt, look for a solution yourself: Suppose you are stuck in a situation. Help yourself in a way you would have helped your friend. Think yourself to be the only one who knows the solution to your problem. Look out for all the probabilities and find a suitable solution. You can always consult others but be self-reliant.

Don’t lose hope: You know you can do your best. Never lose hope! You are capable of doing the best and come out of any situation with flying colours. When you get a feeling of failure or fear failure, take a pause! Sit down and relax. Gather yourself again with full confidence and then deal with a situation. You will find success at your doorstep.

Encourage the broken self: No matter what the circumstances are. Keep believing in good. Encourage yourself that everything is good and will gradually become best. Thus, the things that are not in your control will sooner be with you. Thus, give yourself compassion and try to find a solution to your problem. (Also read: Ways to bring a wide smile on your mother’s face)

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