How Different Colours Can Affect Our Brain and Mood

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How Different Colours Can Affect Our Brain and Mood

You see colours all over around you. There is no place in this world which is colourless. If you have been to an orange room, do you ever feel restless or lazy? Or a simple grey room makes you feel little depressed? These were just examples to let you understand that, each and every colour has their own capacity to affect a human brain. Yes! Colours can change your mood. Experts say that colours can immensely affect the frame of our mind. Even the intensity of the colours too affects the brain and accordingly it works on our mood hormones. Psychologists treat many mental issues with colour therapies. So, let’s take a peep inside to the role of colours and their effect on our brain. Let us have a look:
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Red is an alarmingly beautiful colour. Its intensity may differ but almost all blood red colours stimulate a faster heartbeat and breathing. Just because this colour is intense, wearing it can boost the mood to negotiate and confront. By raising the pulse rate, red colour accelerates the mood and strength. The masculine principles awake by wearing a red colour. But, sometimes it can provoke people to move for fight-back mentality. Otherwise, this hot sizzling colour is amazing!


Blue is love, a colour of sky and water. Almost everyone loves to wear blue. It lays an amazing soothing effect on the brain. It is even the colour of the mind. No wonder people consider this as a dominant colour. But sometimes, blue can also be depressing and cold when it comes to looking at the blue walls. Other than that, wearing blue can help your brain to boost the sense of loyalty. Going for a job interview or starting something new can be great with blue clothes. But the strange fact is, if you apply this to your living room, it may make you a little inactive.


Green is not suttle when it comes to appeal the eyes. But gradually it is restful. This ‘colour of nature’ signifies balance and quality of mind. It symbolises positiveness, reduces fatigue, increases relaxation etc. Green even increases the vision, maybe this is why the classroom boards are in green in colour. The clean green colour is cheerful and vibrant but the olive green is a little depressing but beautiful in looking.


Strength, loud and cheerfulness are the three things which yellow stands for. It elevates your spirits and self-esteem. This colour supports you to boost your confidence and optimism. It leads to happy nature and delightful mood. Using yellow colour to paint the wall of the baby’s room, helps to encourage their playfulness. But when it comes to painting the adult rooms with yellow, it often shows a negative side. People lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms. (Also Read: Why despite having everything we are not happy)


How Different Colours Can Affect Our Brain and Mood

Orange is the blend of yellow and red. This striking colour can stimulate both your physique and emotion. It signifies the physical comfort and sensuality. Like yellow it is also a joyful colour. By wearing orange colour, anyone can behave more actively. It enhances the concentration and gives a wake-up call to the mind. But when the orange is intense and too much, it can cause fatigue. But, by wearing this ‘colour of sacrifice’ your metabolism rate can turn the speed mode on. Allover, it is a nice colour.


Bold and beautiful black is the colour of power and authority. Being the most classy colour in the fashion industry, black is more used more making a structure sleek and slim. Wearing black makes you stay different from others and can make you look stronger. It even shows the personality of a person. Black may make the mind isolated and can make the body feel lack of oxygen and claustrophobic as well.


Grey looks like emotionless, cold-hearted. People think that grey is the safest colour. But this is untrue! It boosts calmness and understates confidence. Sence of hibernation can come from grey colour only. Combining this colour with black, blue and red can create a positivity and hope. But painting the walls with grey can be depressing and if the outside weather is gloomy it can make you feel more gloomy and upset. (Also Read: Tips to feel happier instantly during an unhappy time)

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