How can you fight your inner critic

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How can you fight your inner critic

Staying happy is a decision that you have to make every day. However, it is not always easy due to constant negative emotion. The main source of the negative emotion is your own brain. We all live with voices that keep pulling us back with their harsh opinion and thoughts. We are our own worst enemy as there is a constant battle in the mind. Our inner critic many times make us believe that we don’t deserve to be happy, or that we can not achieve our goals. All these thoughts are the one that you stopping from achieving our true potential and working hard towards our dream. That is why it is important to fight against the criticism. (Also read: What Are The Myths And Facts Of Happiness)

Answer back
Your inner critic has the control over you as you let it dominate your thinking process. The moment you start logically answering back your inner critic, the voices start losing their impact.

Indulge in positive thoughts
Before your inner critic has a chance to make you feel bad about yourself, start indulging in positive thoughts. This will help you to get the required self-confidence and motivation. So when you will face your critic you will be ready. (Also read: How contentment is the key to happiness)

Understand these are your own fear, not the reality
The hardest part of living with an inner critic is understanding the difference between the real issues and just fears. Always keep in mind that your inner critic is just feeding on your fears and insecurities. The more aware you are of this fact, the better chance you have of fighting with this negative emotion.

Give your critic a name
It is difficult to fight with just voices, so give them a name. It can be anything. When you do that, it becomes easier to argue with your critic and win.

Repeat all that you critic says in a funny way
Just mimic your critic in a mocking way so that you see how silly that fear is. Therefore, this way you can fight your critic in a positive way actually. (Also read: Why Chasing Happiness Does Not Make Us Happy)

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