How being a little selfish can lead you to happiness

How being a little selfish can lead to happiness

The idea of happiness is often about sharing and thinking about others. However, people forget that while they are keeping everyone else above their own happiness, they are losing their own happiness. The most common phrase suggests that charity begins at home, same is true in the case of happiness. The real happiness begins with you only. So, if you are not happy then how can you be your best self and make others happy. Selfishness is usually perceived as a negative quality, however, if used in the right way, selfishness actually leads to happiness. (Also read: How self-care helps you to stay happy during the toughest time)

You put your well-being first
Firstly, being selfish doesn’t mean you have to put others down for your benefit. It simply you are just putting your well-being ahead. People who forget to indulge in self-care often feel frustrated as they have no energy left for themselves.

You feel more empowered
When you decide to be a little selfish about your happiness then, you are simply a step towards empowering yourself. You take out time to follow your desires and dreams, so in a way, you actually pick your own happiness.  (Also read: How sharing or giving contributes to your happiness)

More selfless
Believe it or not, but being a little selfish about your happiness can actually turn you more selfless. The simple reason for this is that when you are picking your happiness, you feel content with life. So, only then you can fully focus on spreading the happiness.

Healthier life
If you are just putting yourself out there for others then the chances are that you are not taking good care of your health. If you are not concerned about your health then the chances are you might not find the real happiness. This is because a healthy body is a home to a healthy and happy mind.

You feel the gratitude
Being grateful or thankful for life is important for your happiness. When you are little selfish you see life in a different light. The power of gratitude brings you close to happiness. (Also read: Why it is important to surround yourself with happy people)

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