What are the health benefits of laughing

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Laughing is an emotional response which is controlled by our brain. People laugh as a response to the jokes and many other things. The laughing has a lot of benefits and now it is also practised under Yoga. This yoga is termed as laughing yoga (Hasyayoga) and it has many health benefits. One can avail many health benefits if they frequently laugh. The laughing makes our physical and mental muscles active, accelerate the blood circulation in our body rapidly and helps the good amount of oxygen to reach to our body. Along with this, many types of chemicals are also secreted in our body that are considered to be very beneficial to the body. (Also read: What Are The Signs Say That You Will Be Exceptionally Successful)

Let’s discuss what are the various benefits of laughing.

Laugh reduces stress/depression

Mental disorders like stress and depression occur due to the chemical fluctuation in the brain. Due to chemical fluctuation, the person feels tired and depressed. Laughing is one of the best treatments to fight this kind of problem. Due to laughing, the secretion of stress and depression related hormones occurs regularly. The laugh helps to eliminate problems like stress and depression.

Helpful to fight social disorder

This is a type of mental disorder in which a person is more afraid to go outside the house, to talk to someone or to go to the crowded areas outside the home. In this type of disorder, the person likes to stay alone in the house. Laughter fights such mental disorders. In this case, Laughter therapy is given to the person to overcome the disorder. (Also read: What are the questions that you should ask yourself to be happy)

Laughing feels good to the body

Whenever we laugh, our body leaves a chemical called endorphins. This hormone is considered to be very good for the body. Due to its secretion, our body feels good and calm.

Laughter is needed for good sleep

If you do not sleep properly at night then laughter is a good medicine. Laughing releases a very high amount of chemical called melatonin in the brain, which is essential for sleeping.

Laughing keeps the person always young

It is very good to laugh because 15 types of face muscles start working together and the blood circulation on the face improves rapidly. Due to which the skin always remains fresh. (Also read: What Are The Things You Can Do To Express Love For Yourself)

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