How to cheer yourself up when you are feeling blue

How to cheer yourself up when you are feeling blue

We all try to go through the life in the best way possible. However, despite all attempts at attaining happiness, it is pretty common that we feel ‘blue’ sometimes. In simple words, it means we feel sad and depressed about life. It can happen due to any reason, perhaps a bad day in office, fight with a friend, unfinished task list or maybe no reason at all. During a time like this, all you want is to magically transform your mood to a happy one. However, that is not possible until and unless you know of simple tricks that can turn your mood around. Let’s find out what to do when you are feeling the blue. (Also read: How your life turns happier when you stop complaining)

Show creativity
One of the most common ways to bring yourself out of the blue is to indulge in your creative side. Everyone has his or her own creative escape, some like to write, some like to paint or sing. So, pick yours and do it.

Take a walk
Often people undermine the importance of a walk. When you are feeling gloomy, all you need to do is walk around to clear your head and take in the world around you. It will give you a moment of peace.  (Also read: How being a little selfish can lead you to happiness)

Visualize your own self
When you are upset, it is natural that you think of yourself in the worst way possible. So, instead of doing that, simply imagine yourself in the best way possible and then figure out a way to achieve that.

Call an old friend
When you are busy in your everyday life, it is quite possible that you lose out on maintaining friendships. So, when you are feeling sad, call an old friend and chat. This will remind you of happy and carefree days.

Walk down the memory lane
Even when everything seems impossible to achieve you still have your memories. So, go through your old photos and video to cheer yourself up instantly.  (Also read: How self-care helps you to stay happy during the toughest time)

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