Can you choose to be happy everyday

Is happiness actually a decision

Stress is usually considered a part of life. Everyone thinks that there is no way out when it comes to everyday stress. However, this is certainly not the truth. In our everyday life, we all do things that lead to excessive stress. All these habits might appear very negligible but they have a huge impact on the everyday stress. Therefore, it is important to recognize them and change them so that you can give a healthy and happy life. (Also read: How contentment is the key to happiness)

Unhealthy breakfast or skipping breakfast.
Most of the times people are in a rush in the morning. That is why they prefer to either eating unhealthy food items or skipping the breakfast. This habit leads to stress as the unhealthy fats and carbs harm the body. Therefore it results in mental stress.

Constant presence on social media
It might not look like a huge problem but it is a major cause of stress. Social media often leads to stress, as you always feel the need to go out of your way to appear interesting. This stress can completely destroy your mental peace. (Also read: How can you make someone happy)

Lack of exercise or workout
Regular physical workout leads to the release of endorphins. This helps to reduce the stress. However, many people fail to engage in physical activities. This leaves no room for stress relief.

Irregular sleeping cycle
A healthy sleeping routine is the most important thing for stress-free life. However, due to work pressure and hectic life, many people find it hard to manage a regular sleeping cycle. This unhealthy habit leads to increase in stress levels.

Not keeping the work life sperate
Nowadays it is a common practice of taking your work home. Due to tough competition, people often keep stressing about it. This problem leads to stress and anxiety. This habit makes the person constantly worried about his or her work life. Consequently takes away the sense of mental peace and relaxation. (Also read: How can you fight your inner critic)

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