Few Myths And Facts About Mental Illness

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Few Myths And Facts About Mental Illness

Mental health is more important than physical health. If you are mentally fit you can take care of your physical health properly as well. If you are suffering from mental illness, it will eventually make you weaker both physically and mentally. Mental illness is nothing but a mental disorder and it doesn’t make anyone a ‘psycho’ which our so called ‘society’ believes. There are a lot of myths and facts about mental illness which people follow. Let us explore those myths and facts related to mental health.

Myth 1: People with mental illness are violent and unpredictable:
The majority of people suffering from mental health problems are not violent. In fact, people with severe mental illnesses are more likely to become victims of violent crime than the general population. Someone with a mental health problem doesn’t even realise that they have some mental disorder because they always remain active and productive.

Myth 2: Mental illness is not for children:

Even young children may show early warning signs of mental health concerns. These mental health problems are often clinically diagnosable. Half of all mental health disorders show its first signs before a person turns 14 years-old and three-quarters of mental health disorders begin before age of 24.

So, before the mental problem starts interfering with other developmental needs, early mental health support can only help a child.

Myth 3: All people with Schizophrenia are violent.
But in reality, very little violence in the society is caused by people who are mentally ill.

Myth 4: People with mental illness lack intelligence.
Intelligence has nothing to do with mental illnesses or brain disorders. Many people with mental disorders are brilliant, creative, and productive people. Certain mental illnesses may make it difficult for people to remember facts or get along with other people.

However, treatment for mental health problems varies as it depends, from individual to individual. Many individuals work with a support system during the healing and recovery process.

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