Working for long hours can cause depression

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Can long working hours cause depression

Today everyone is extremely focused on their work lives. They believe that work is not just a part of their life, but the life itself. As a result, people are spending more and more hours in the office every day. However, what many people fail to notice is how this philosophy affect their mental health. Long working hours snatch the person’s personal life. As a result of which the person becomes gloomy and workaholic. People who spend long hours in their offices are more prone to depression. Depression is a serious mental condition that can strike anytime, anywhere. People with long working hours are more at risk when it comes to depression. Long working hours leave the person exhausted and sad. (Also read: Can a traumatic incident lead to depression)

Lack of human bond
When a person devotes all his or her time to the office, then he or she finds it hard to get time to socialize or stay connected with friends and family. As a result, the person becomes isolated and lonely. Social isolation often results in depression. Long working hours take away the warmth of human emotions.

No exposure to sunlight
Long office hours simply means that the person is unable to get natural sunlight. Sunlight is important to keep the serotonin level of the person high. Serotonin is the happy hormone that is responsible for the mood of the person. Lower levels of serotonin often cause gloomy and depressed mood. (Also read: How jogging or running helps to fight depression)

Health problems
When you stay in the office for long hours, your body reacts in a negative way. Sitting on the same desk for prolonged hours can cause posture problems, pain and other health problems. The constant suffering of the body can lead to negative thought. These thoughts might lead to depression.

Unhealthy eating habits
A long stretch of office hours simply means that you are relying on unhealthy options to keep yourself awake. Many people depend on caffeine, nicotine and other harmful things to stay awake. In long run, these unhealthy habits can lead to serious mental health issues. (Also read: What are the diseases that are caused by the depression)

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