What things you should say to a depressed person

What things your should say to a depressed person

Depression is a difficult state to be in. The person feels helpless to fight the toxic and the negative thoughts in their life. If you are around someone who is struggling with depression, it can be quite challenging. You are constantly worried about how to make the situation better for them or what are the right things to say. Unlike physical issues, depression is a mental problem, so you have to extra careful with your words. Therefore, it is important that you know the right things to say to someone who is struggling with depression. Let’s find out what they are! (Also read: What are the things you must remember when your loved one is dealing with depression)

“I am here for you”
A person dealing with depression finds it hard to be around people. The negative emotions keep harassing the person’s mind. At this time you must tell them that you are there for them, no matter what.

“Depression is real”
The most common problem that people with depression face is that people often demean their problems. In that case, just assure the person that this condition is real and there are ways to deal with this problem. (Also read: What is the psychotic depression and its signs)

“It is not your fault”
Nobody chooses to be depressed in life. It is a very upsetting condition to be in. So, remind them that you know it is not their fault. Often the depressed people carry the guilt about their problem, so make sure they don’t feel this way around you.

“I am not going to leave”
Depression convinces the person that people are going to get tired of them, it feeds on the negative emotions. So, simply tell them that you are not going anywhere. Show your support in the right way.

“Take your time”
Every person’s mental state is different and everyone needs a different time period to deal with it. So, just tell them that they can take their time for it. So, nothing is above their mental health. (Also read: How social media contributes to depression)

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