What is the psychotic depression and its signs

What is the psychotic depression and its signs

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Depression is a very difficult state to live it for anyone. It steals the basic joy of living and staying happy. Depression is of many types depending on the signs and symptoms. There is a specific kind of depression that is known as the Psychotic depression. It falls under the category of major depression issue. In this condition, the depression is combined with various psychotic features like hallucination and delusion. It is important to understand the psychotic depression as it a very dangerous condition. (Also read: How social media contributes to depression)

What are the signs of psychotic depression?

The person suffering from the Psychotic depression often shows the signs of agitation. He or she is excessively nervous or overwhelmed about simple things.

Hearing “Voices”
This is a very scary thing about the Psychotic depression. The victim often hears some voice in his head who are commanding him to do things. So, it makes life difficult for the victim.

Hallucination means that the person is imagining things that are not there in the first place. So, this makes it hard for the victim to see the reality and often the hallucinations are really fatal.

Anxiety is a common trait in the people suffering from the Psychotic depression. Firstly, the victim loses the sense of reality.  As a result, there is a lot of pressure on the victim’s mind leading to anxiety.  (Also read: What is postpartum depression and its causes)

Hypochondria is a condition in which the person develops a health-related anxiety. The victim starts worrying about the health condition that is not even there. Therefore, it makes the victim anxious and scared.

What is the difference between he Psychotic depression and schizophrenia?

Many people suffering from schizophrenia feel these signs as well. However, the biggest difference between he Psychotic depression and schizophrenia is he Psychotic depression’s hallucinations and voices are focused on depression or depressive thoughts. (Also read: What are the signs of depression relapse)

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