What is morning depression and its causes

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What is morning depression and its causes

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Morning depression is kind of mental depression but as the name suggests it happens in the morning only. This type of illness is also called melancholia. It is hard to diagnose this problem and in most cases, people ignore it, as they think of it as a normal day to day problem. However, morning depression is a serious condition as it affects the productivity of the person and it takes away their will to be happy. Morning depression can be caused by many reasons, like irregular sleeping routine, mental stress or even health issues. Morning depression is just your body’s way of reminding you that you need to refocus your energy on improving your condition. (Also read: What are the everyday habits that are making your depression worse)

The causes of morning depression

Dysfunctional sleeping cycle
Sleeping routine is one of the most important things to maintain a healthy mental state. In most cases, the morning depression is a result of lack of a proper sleeping cycle. Many people nowadays work in the night shifts, which ruins their biological clock leading to morning depression.

Unhealthy Circadian rhythm
Circadian rhythm is basically your body’s internal clock. In case of morning depression, the body actually finds it hard to function and maintain a normal and healthy circadian rhythm. This causes morning depression. (Also read: Can depression run in the genetics of the family)

Change of season
Some people find the change of seasons depressing, especially winter. There is lack of light in winter, making it hard to get the required dose of vitamin D. Therefore, in many cases, it leads to morning depression in the winter season.

Sometimes the work stress gets very overwhelming, due to which the person feels demotivated to go through the day.

Signs of morning depression

  • Difficulty in getting out of bed
  • Lack of energy and motivation in the morning
  • Feeling exhausted throughout the day
  • Being in negative and cranky mood the whole day
  • Lack of appetite
  • No willpower to work and go through the day
  • Feeling upset about little things
  • Constant mood swings and stress. (Also read: How music therapy can help to fight the depression)
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