What are things you should never do during depression

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What are things you should never do during depression

Depression is a disturbing condition to live with. The person who is dealing with depression constantly struggles to survive through the day. Many people suffer social stigma attached to depression that damages their mental health further. Depression can make the victim’s life extremely difficult as it takes away the will to move forward in life. Every day the victim of depression are told to do certain things but there are certain things that they should avoid. During the depression, it is important to put the self-care first and help yourself to come out of it. So, what are the things that you must not do during the depression? (Also read: How social media contributes to depression)

Don’t Expose yourself to negative news
During the depression, your mind constantly looks for reasons to feed the negativity so it is important to avoid it. Stay off the news grid and keep your safe from toxic events from the world.

Stay off the social media
Social media is slowly turning into a hub of cyberbullying and trolling. This has a negative impact on the mental health of the person dealing with depression. (Also read: What is postpartum depression and its causes)

Don’t Keep your ambience gloomy
Your ambience directly reflects on your mood. If you keep yourself shielded from the sun and in darkness it will worsen your condition. Remember to soak in the wonderful rays of the sun and surround yourself with brightness.

Never Let depression define you
You are not your mental condition you are much more than that. Depression is a disease that you are suffering from it is not who you are. So, don’t let the depression define you.

Don’t indulge in drug or alcohol
It might appear like the quickest escape but in fact, it is the worst path. Alcohol abuse and drug abuse snatch the chance of getting better. Soon, the person turns into an addict of them.

Never snap your personal bonds
When you are dealing with depression you need support. Support of your loved ones keeps you motivated and hopeful. So, don’t snap ties with your loved ones.  (Also read: How to help your partner to deal with depression)

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