What Are The Surprising Symptoms of Depression You Should Know

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What Are The Surprising Depression Symptoms You Should Know

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We all know that when depression occurs, people become intensely sad and hopeless. Everyone is aware of the symptoms of depression more or less. But do you know if you suddenly feel grumpy or started getting an intense headache, you may be suffering from depression? Yes! Except for the conventional symptoms, depression has some surprising symptoms too which are known to very few people. Hence, we all should be aware of these surprising symptoms of depression to help a person get rid of it gradually. Have a look at the following and know about these symptoms. Hope this helps. (Also Read: How One Hour Exercise In A Week Can Prevent Depression)

You are having aches:
When your mental health is not well, you may feel various pain in your body. This happens when you completely stay in a negative state of mind. This becomes the main reason of your body part aching. That is why pain is a symptom of depression.

You are always on social media:
Although these days people mostly stay busy with their smartphone, that does not mean people are being absent minded and surfing social media only. This is a symptom of people who suffer from depression. The obsession with digital media can cause a wreck in your mind. This causes depression. (Also Read: Difference Between Depression And Sadness)

Your head is up in the sky:
Depression causes overthinking. If someone thinks too much by sitting idly, that signifies that the person is not in a right state of their mind. So, when you are wistful, anxious, and unhappy, you keep thinking more by keeping your inner self-gloomy and sad. Other than that, you start day-dreaming too.

You do not comb your hair:
Those who suffer from depression generally do not take some time out to maintain their looks. You will find that people who are suffering from depression do not comb their hair. Physical wellbeing and grooming become useless for them. They neither care for their looks, not they care for their physical health.

Always confused:
A depressed person usually loses the power to take any decision as their mental state does not allow them to do so. They always feel confused and unable to take any initiative. Depression hampers the cognitive processes which help in taking any decision. Other than that, the cognitive process can be hampered. (Also Read: Effective Ways To Deal With Depression)

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