What are the signs of concealed depression

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What are the signs of concealed depression

Depression is a serious mental illness. It is usually linked to the physical signs and symptoms such as self-harming, anti social approach, insomnia or urge to sleep a lot. However many times, the signs of depressions are hidden. This kind of depression is called the concealed depression. The person who is dealing with this mental disorder easily hides the problem. He or she might appear completely normal but deep inside they are the victims of depression. That is why it is important to know and understand the signs of concealed depression.  (Also read: What are the physical symptoms of depression)

Lack of purpose
People with concealed depression feel a lack of purpose. Even when they act too busy with their life, they feel lost and confused. If someone pays attention to their way of thinking, it will be clear that people with concealed depression find it hard to find the will to live.

Unhealthy eating habits
People with concealed depression find it hard to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. They usually try to use food as a substitute for speaking out. They either eat too much or too little. This is a way for them to hide their depression. (Also read: Five self-care tips to combat depression)

Unhealthy sleeping habits
Those who try to hide their depression often suffer from insomnia or hypersomnia. They might not address the problem but if someone watches them carefully then this problem will be visible.

Victims of this depression pretend to be happy
Victims of this kind of depression try really hard to appear happy and content. They constantly seek social circles so that they can hide their real problems.

Substance abuse
These people often opt for various addiction to hide their depression. They have a hard time being alone with their thought which is why they try to engage themselves in drugs, alcohol or smoking.

Thoughts about death
People who have this depression often find themselves thinking about death. They keep flooding their minds with negative thoughts. They think of death as an escape from their problems and fears. Therefore, they keep thinking about it. (Also read: Can depression be contagious)

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