What are the everyday habits that are making your depression worse

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What are the everyday habits that are worsening your depression

Depression’s dark shadow is growing every day.It is a mental illness that is not easy to diagnose and treat. The stress of competition and hectic day to day life can lead to depression. However, what are the things that we are doing that are pushing us into the trap of depression. These simple habits might not appear much on the surface but in reality, they have a much greater impact. Most of us hardly pay attention to our everyday routine and lifestyle but everyday habits are the ones that affect the depression the most. Keep these habits in check and get out of the claws of depression. Let’s find out what are these habits. [Also read: Five self-care tips to combat depression]

Unhealthy eating habits
As the famous saying goes”You are what you eat” eating habits have a great say in the mental condition of the person. Regular intake of fried food, greasy food and food filled with high sugar can affect the person in a negative way. Therefore, eating more natural, fresh and nutritious meal can help the body to feel lighter and happier. [Also read: Lifestyle Factors Making You More Depressed]

Sleeping pattern
Our sleeping pattern has a direct impact on our mental condition. Change in sleeping patterns like insomnia or hypersomnia indicates towards growing depression. It is important to maintain a sleep hygiene, that means a fixed sleep time, getting away from the phone or laptop screen to ensure a healthy sleep cycle.

Alcohol and smoking habits
Alcohol and smoking habits are often a result of self-medication for depression. However, soon the person falls into the trap of addiction. It gets harder to maintain mental peace without the external help. The important thing is to slowly quit these awful habits. So that the negative impact is minimised.

Social media addiction
Social media has taken over our the world entirely. People have tied up their self-esteem with virtual validation. The constant need of living a life worth capturing often to depression. Online bullying and cyber harassment also play a major role in pushing the depression ahead. If you feel isolated while using social media, it is important to cut down. Limit your time on such platforms and try to indulge in the life as it comes.

Avoiding outdoor life
Staying cooped up in a room all day can lead to dark mood. Furthermore, it is a known fact that sunlight is a natural mood booster. It triggers the level of serotonin, making the mood lighter and happier. It also promotes a sense of general well being and youthfulness. [Also read: 6 Major Causes Of Depression That We Overlook]

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