What Are The Emotional Symptoms Of Depression

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What Are The Emotional Symptoms Of Depression

Depression is a mental disorder which changes the way you think, feel and behave. This mental illness is usually marked by a feeling of gloominess and hopelessness that can extend for a few days or for years. It can ruin a person’s identity as it has a direct exposure to the emotions. The person becomes emotionally weak and may feel illogical sometimes. Therefore, to stay aware of the same and be able to extend help, read below the emotional symptoms of depression. [Also Read: Effective Ways To Deal With Depression]

Social Isolation:

The foremost symptom of emotional depression is social isolation. When suffering from depression, you tend to remain at yourself and avoid indulging in conversations. Socialism sucks you hence, you remain isolated. You also abandon the activities which you once used to enjoy. Going out and meeting with friends is not your cup of tea now.

Sad Mood:

You always tend to have a sad mood and depressed attitude. You seem to get irritated often with almost everything. Being angry and frustrated are also the prime symptoms of emotional depression. [Also Read: People Who Are Suffering From Depression Cannot Hear These Words]

Feeling Of Guilt:

You tend to get the feeling of guilt or worthlessness. Life seems to you as a burden and you think of escaping from the same. Moreover, you also cannot hold your tears when suffering from emotional depression.

Thoughts Of Suicide Or Death:

There may be sudden thoughts of suicide or death which may clench your mind. You may feel like suiciding and at the same time death may frighten you.

Feeling Of Failure:

Life may seem unworthy to you. There can be any reason for depression but usually the feeling of failure either on the job, relationship or other personal matters.

Therefore, if these are the thoughts or emotions you get frequently then it is a high time to speak out. You must consult with your dear ones or visit a specialist to take yourself out of this state of emotional depression as it may turn life-threatening. [Also Read: How To Deal With Teenage Depression]

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