What are the diseases that are caused by the depression

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What are the diseases that are caused by the depression

Depression is a mental condition that consumes the life of a person. Depression not only destroys the mental health of a person, it actually makes the person more prone to a variety of health problems. It kills the spirit of the body to carry on with life. As a result, the body becomes an easy target of various health problems. These problems are not related only to the mental well-being of a person. They affect the physical well-being of the person as well. Depression ruins the overall sense of emotional, social and physical well-being. That is why it is important to know about the health condition that can be a result of depression. (Also read: How jogging or running helps to fight depression)

Dementia is a mental condition in which the person is unable to connect with reality and remember things. This condition mostly affects the people in their old age. However, if someone is suffering from depression, the chance of dementia certainly increases. This happens because the nerves of a person suffering from depression are get strained. This condition makes the depressed person more prone to dementia.

Heart diseases
Depression is the root cause of many diseases. However, the most prominent one out of them is heart diseases. Depression puts pressure on the veins of the heart. As a result, the risk of heart attack is increased by many folds. (Also read: Can a traumatic incident lead to depression)

Stress and anxiety
Depression takes away the feeling of positivity and happiness from a person. As a result, the person fails to perform up to his or her full potential. All these things lead to stress and anxiety. Depression takes away the sense of emotional well-being which is extremely important for living a stress-free life.

Thyroid condition
The thyroid is a result of the hormonal disorder. When a person is suffering from depression, then his or her hormonal health suffers as well. As a result, the risk of thyroid increases. (Also read: 5 non-drug therapies that can help to fight depression)

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