What are the different types of Psychotherapy for depression

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Know more about the different types of Psychotherapy for depression

Psychotherapy is the best mental treatment for the person, who is suffering from depression. In this therapy, an interaction takes place between the patient and the therapist. A patient usually opens about the emotional trauma and the personal issues. It makes a person share his innermost feelings that are troubling him for a longer period of time.

What could be better than treating depression a natural way rather than relying on the medicines? There are many kinds such therapies that help a person cope up with this prevailing mental illness called depression.

There are different types of therapies for depression:

1. Cognitive therapy: Cognitive therapy aims at making a patient look out for positive things. It also helps a person to consider the good side of everything and ignore the bad one.

2. Behavioural Therapy: Behavioral therapy aims at eliminating those behavior patterns that are not desired and rude. This therapy involves the principles of classical and operant conditioning to bring back a good mood in a person. (Also Read: Know more about fading away of depression on its own)

3. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy: All the above therapies combined together to provide an overall relief to a person. It also takes care of the behaviour of a person along with making him take an optimistic approach towards life. Thus, together this therapy is called Cognitive-Behavioral therapy.

4. Interpersonal therapy:
In this therapy refers person’s personal and social life has been taken care off. A therapist conducts deep social interactions and tries to find out the problematic areas. It often leads a person to open about the social factors or interactions that trouble him. (Also read: Know more about Clinical Depression)

5. Dialectical Behaviour therapy:
In this therapy, a person is made to realise and understand how important it is to stay stress-free and how to deal with emotions. This therapy is also one of the very effective methods of motivating a patient.

6. Psycho-dynamic Therapy: Psychodynamic therapy refers to deal with factors or mental conditions that are unresolved since childhood. There are certain life incidents of a person that are not open to his dear ones and they trouble him. If any event has troubled you during your childhood, you should not carry the same all through your life. This therapy helps a person to cope up with such unfair incidents of life.

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