What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Multiple Personality Disorder

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What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple personality disorder is also known as dissociative identity disorder. It is a severe mental disorder where the individual inhibits two or more personalities within them. It is a complex psychological condition which creates lack of connection within the individual’s emotions, feelings, thought process, actions and reactions. The dissociative personality disorder makes the person dissociate from a violent or awful situation. The diagnosis of this mental disorder is still under question. Moreover, the treatment for this personality disorder is not specific as the same is done in the possibility of other disorders too. Therefore, please find the causes and symptoms of multiple personality disorder.

Causes Of Multiple Personality Disorder:

The causes of multiple personality disorder majorly include a severe trauma in childhood or due to any incident experienced. A sexual, emotional or physical abuse in the family or outside can also lead to this disorder. A natural disaster, calamity or being neglected in the family or among siblings are the other reasons too. Generally, the disorder can attack at any age but physical or sexual abuse in children before the age of 9 can be life-threatening.

Symptoms Of Multiple Personality Disorder:

The symptoms of multiple personality disorder can be very confusing. The person suffering from this disorder has twin personality i.e., they can turn their emotions and thoughts from a fraction of seconds to minutes. You cannot recall the person’s natural behaviour. The people with multiple personality disorder have faded memory as they have distinct memory variations. The symptoms may also include the person playing the role of some other person. They turn to someone else, be it a human being, animal or a movie character. Thus, diagnosing the symptoms of multiple personality disorder is difficult.

Therefore, you must consult a medical expert immediately if any of the signs above are infuriating you. An immediate action is what you require.

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