What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Hysteria

What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Hysteria

Uncontrolled emotion or excitement with a sudden outburst is referred to the disease hysteria. It is a mental or psychological disorder which arises from vigorous anxiety. In hysteria, the person loses control over his or her emotions which are accompanied by unconsciousness and excess emotional outburst. [Also Read: What is Narcissistic personality disorder]

Both men and women can suffer from an excess of emotions disease hysteria. However, women within the age of 14 years to 25 years are more prone to the same. Hysteria becomes uncommon after the age of 45 years. The disease lacks control over the emotions hence if someone near to you is suffering from the same; stay calm and do not panic. Definitely, you want to cure the disease but the major cause of the same has to be diagnosed.

People can suffer from hysteria due to many reasons, which may include loneliness, idleness and depression. Below mentioned are the major causes of hysteria:

Psychological disorder
Mental chaos
Physical disorder
Personality issues
Drug intake
Bipolar disorder
Neurological disorder [Also Read: How can parents help a depressed teen]

symptoms and causes of uncontrolled emotion hysteria

Hysteria is an ancient disorder and can also be a self-caused. Sudden mood swings, irritation and confusion also lead to the severity of the disease. Thus, getting to know whether you are suffering from hysteria or not is the main concern. To gauge the same, there are various signs which can define hysteria, they are:

High level of emotional dependency
Platonic relationships
Extreme anxiety
Feeling of crying
Swelling in the neck
Laughing or crying without any reason
Heaviness in head
Clenched teeth

Therefore, if any of these symptoms have hit you severely, you must discuss the same with your near ones. Our near ones are our loved ones, discuss your issues and you’ll get the result. Do things which you enjoy the most as it can bring out the best in you. First of all, find out your cause- what is affecting you so severely and once you get the answer, start taking measures to overcome it.

Hysteria can be treated via medicines also but before becoming dependent upon the same, try to give it a cure by finding out the problem you are facing. Once you’ll reach the point and conquer it, you won’t suffer from it again. Another major way by which you can get rid of hysteria is meditation. Do meditation regularly, sit in a relaxed posture for some time alone to stay calm and you will feel relaxed. Try to have self-control and do activities which can make you joyful. Once you try to drift your mind from your disease, the same day you’ll start feeling cured. Moreover, practice yoga asanas, eat healthy food, contribute yourself for doing something good and you’ll be internally happy!

Lastly! Talk to someone whom you cherish or any of your close one who is ready to listen to you! [Also Read: Can depression be contagious]

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