how does depression affect the brain pa

How Does Depression Affect The Brain

Depression is a mood disorder which hampers the mental health of an individual. It alters the overall being of an individual ruining their personality. Hence, proper care demands the brain.

Facts You Must Know To Understand Depression

Facts You Must Know To Understand Depression

Depression is a mental disorder which if avoided may ruin the personality of an individual. Thus, understanding the symptoms of depression is a prime concern which lets you help to overcome this mental health problem.

How to tackle depression and fatigue?

How to tackle depression and fatigue?

Depression and fatigue very common these days. These also cause sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnea. A good sleeping habit can tackle this situation easily and also there are therapies, medication to treat depression.

How To Deal With Teenage Depression?

How To Deal With Teenage Depression

Teenage is a crucial period of our lives which brings a lot of physical and mental changes. Teenagers suffer from depression during this time. Though, symptoms of depression among teens are similar to that of adults which cause a change in the behaviour. Know more about teenage depression.

How depression can make you lose your memory

How depression can make you lose your memory

A regular counseling or therapy and antidepressants could help a person to manage memory loss problem. So it is best to lead an active lifestyle and get involved in your community as they can elevate your mood.

How Does Depression Affects Our Brain

How Does Depression Affect Our Brain

Depression is a mental illness which affects the health of your mind and damages the brain tissues. Do not take depressions lightly. It affects your brain and make you fall prey to a long-term depression as well.