What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Multiple Personality Disorder

What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Multiple Personality Disorder

The multiple personality disorder is also known as dissociative identity disorder wherein, a person has twin personalities. It may be the result of any childhood trauma or any bad experience suffered. Thus, a correct diagnosis is utmost required to treat the disorder.

Can long working hours cause depression

Working for long hours can cause depression

Everyone talks about career growth and office life, but very few people think about the link between depression and long working hours. Depression is a serious mental condition that affects people everywhere in the world.

How jogging or running helps to fight depression

How jogging or running helps to fight depression

Often people talk about the health benefits of running or jogging. However, not many know that jogging or running can help to fight depression as well. When your body starts running it regains the will to fight against depression.

Can a traumatic incident lead to depression

Can a traumatic incident lead to depression

Sometimes traumatic events can cause depression. If a person is involved in a traumatic event or has witnessed it, chances are that incident will leave a prominent mark on the person’s mental state.

Differences Between Depression And Sadness

Difference Between Depression And Sadness

People usually think that depression occurs when you are too sad. But this is not depression. There are some certain signs which tell about this. You can have a reality check by knowing you are having depression or just intense sadness.