Lifestyle Factors Making You More Depressed

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Lifestyle Factors Making You More Depressed

Depression is a mental illness that makes a person isolated and stuffed with doomy thoughts. The cause of depression is more than the biological imbalance as our day-to-day happenings are contributing more to its existence. Below mentioned are eight lifestyle factors that make you feel more depressed.

You may be going through a break up, lost a job, feeling demotivated or any other infinite to mention. But, trust me that continuous weeping over the thoughts and piling up grief will lead you nowhere. It will only cause depression.

Stress is natural but you must know that stressing over something at every instance will only worsen the situation. The emerging negative thoughts will only give rise to more unanswered questions. Thus, to keep yourself away from depression try not to take stress over matters.

Self-emotional dealings
We all have primary and secondary feelings. The primary ones are anger, sadness, loneliness and so on. Whereas, secondary ones are those which arise from the primary ones. Continuous thinking on ‘why factor’ as to why I am sad?
why am I feeling alone? leads to bad ‘self-emotional dealings’ piling up the depression.

Keeping yourself away from people and being isolated is another reason for depression. Be confident and indulge in your social connections. It may be difficult initially but it will be beneficial.

Unhealthy sleeping habits
If you are insomniac or suffering from any other unhealthy sleeping habit then it is an alarming sign of your depression. Improper sleep generally leads to lethargy and irritation and when it becomes a routine, depression knocks.

Struggling for existence
The situation where you are struggling to find your existence in life slams the way to positivity bringing forth the depression. Remember, that you are here for a purpose and go with the flow. Finding unnecessary answers will not solve the issue but make your mental state at worse.

When you tend to dissatisfy with yourself then how the other people get satisfied? Try satisfying your inner self first and understand that we all do our best at every level. Dissatisfaction leads to depression and you must change this habit.

Monotonous routine
If you are suffering from depression and a kind of person doing 9 to 5 job, coming home, eating and sleeping. Then, you are at a call of changing this monotonous routine. Involve in some fun or social activities to add some spice in your life. We were taught in primary classes- ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’ which is applicable in our adulthood too.

Thus, try following these changes in your life and definitely, you’ll be experiencing a happier life curing depression.

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