How to motivate yourself to exercise when you have depression

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Ways to motivate yourself to exercise when you have depression

Ways to motivate yourself to exercise when you have depression

It is often said that exercising is not just important for the physical well being of the body, it is also important for the mental well being. However, sometimes your mind is the one that stops you from exercising. When you have a server problem like depression you find it hard to motivate yourself to do anything. Many prominent studies have found out that exercising helps you to deal with depression. This is why it is important to start exercising even when you are depressed. Now, we all know it can be a difficult thing to do. So, let’s find out how to motivate yourself to exercise during the depression. (Also read: How One Hour Exercise In A Week Can Prevent Depression)

Ways to motivate yourself to exercise when you have depression

  • Easy start
  • Set small goals
  • Seek help
  • Plan your workout
  • Don’t skip

Easy start
No one is expecting you to turn into a professional athlete right away. So, it is important to start easy. This way you won’t put extra pressure on yourself and you will be able to enjoy the exercise routine.

Set small goals
It is important to set small goals, to ensure that you keep moving forward. Depression makes a person feel unhappy and inadequate, which is why you want to quit when you are depressed. So, setting goals is helpful. (Also read: How jogging or running helps to fight depression)

Seek help

Ways to motivate yourself to exercise when you have depression
You can use the help of a workout partner to help you

There is nothing shameful or embarrassing in asking for help when you need it. If you think you need someone to motive you or to help you out, find a workout partner. This way you will have a sense of accountability and you will get the help.

Plan your workout
No one knows your body better than you do, So, take some time and think of what exercises you like and what you want to do. That way you can plan your routine and your mind will also get engaged in a fun activity.

Don’t skip
Even though you might feel extra tired, then you can go for lighter exercises or a walk. However, don’t quit completely.

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