UP Board Result 2018: How to get rid of depression caused by bad exam results

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how to get rid of depression caused by bad exam results

Teenagers are quite upset during the result time as they worry about the outcome of the result. The result brings happiness for those students who score good grades while sorrow for those who could not score well. The students who fail to score good grades, often feel fur station. They also plunge into depression and face problems of anxiety as well as stress. Negative results also have negative effects on their mental health. With fewer marks, the student is pressurized not only by his family but also by society. This pushes them more into depression. When the child’s result is bad, then he feels himself to be responsible for it, and because of this, he begins to suffer from depression.

Let us know how to tackle depression due to bad exam result.

Meet your best friend
When you feel like depression due to your examination results, you should meet your best friend. Your best friend will support you and motivate you.

Have positive emotions inside you
Do not get discouraged due to bad results. Rather take the inspiration and bring positive emotions inside you so that you can get a good number in your future exam.

Think about the future
It’s better to think about the present. During result time, think about your future so that you can try to move forward and work harder to get a good number in future.

Do your favourite things
When you feel overwhelmed, you should do your favourite things. This will remove your attention from your exam results and you will be able to focus your attention on the other things.

In a year, 2017 girls had scored better than boys in UP Board Examination. Moreover, girls success rate was also high in UP Board. The UP board class 10th girls success rate was 86.50 while boys success rate was 76.16 percent. Similarly, in UP Board class 12th has girls passing rate is higher than boys. In UP Board Class 12th passing score rate of the boys was 77.16 percent while girls were 88.80 percent. Moreover, the passing percentage of UP Board class 10th is 81.18 percent and 82.62 percent in UP Board class 12th in 2017.

The results of UP Board 2018 exams are likely to be declared this month. The UP Board class 10th exams started on February 6th and concluded on February 22nd. Around 34,04,571 students appeared for the class 10th exam. While around 26,24,681 students appeared for UP Board 2018 Class 12th examinations which started on 6th February and concluded on March 12th. As per the reports, the UP Board 12th Result 2018, may be declared on April 15th, 2018.

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