How One Hour Exercise In A Week Can Prevent Depression

How One Hour Exercise In A Week Can Prevent

To live healthy there are two things needed primarily, good diet and exercise. People usually have an instinct take on having a good diet. But people do not understand that a good diet is nothing without exercise. 80 percent of the mental health patients suffer from depression because of the lack of good health. Good health comes from daily exercises. If our physical health is not well our mental health suffers definitely because of some certain hormones. Hence, let us know about it more by going inside the topic. (Also Read: Effective Ways To Deal With Depression)

How exercise helps to reduce the depression:
Regular exercise can prevent future depression. But, if you even do exercises once in a week that also helps our mind to stay fit and prevents illness. Hence, it is much needed if someone is heading toward mental illness. when we do exercise, our mind and body both concentrates in the same position and helps out body muscles and parts work with more ease and smoothness. This triggers out the brain and helps in happy hormone secretion.

Which exercises are helpful in reducing depression:
Though, every exercise, yoga, pilates are extremely beneficial for both our body and mind. But still, there are few exercises are immensely beneficial for our mind to stay out of depression. These certain exercises are:
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Playing tennis
Yard yoga

Some tips For you to do exercise to reduce depression:
Frankly speaking, there is no particular time one can follow to do exercises or workouts. But still, you can follow these certain tips if you want to reduce the depression by doing exercises. These tips are,

1. Choose a particular time for every day. If you think the morning time exercise is not the right time for you, you do not have to pressurise yourself. You can go for the evening time too. But do not juggle up your timings.

2. You should not take these exercises as a burden in your life. These should be fun. Thus, choose your favourise work out style.

3. A good diet always should accompany your work out. Do not think of doing workouts on an empty stomach or lean body. Go for vegetables and proteins as per your choice. (Also Read: Difference Between Depression And Sadness)

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