How jogging or running helps to fight depression

How jogging or running helps to fight depression

Everyone knows about the health benefits of running or jogging regularly. It helps to manage your weight, helps with the circulation of blood and other health benefits. Most of the benefits we speak of are just the physical benefits of running or jogging. However, running or jogging can help you to deal with depression as well. It might sound strange as depression is a mental illness, but running or jogging has a positive impact on it as well. Depression is a condition when your brain locks itself in dark state of thinking. It is not a condition that can not be cured. There are various methods and therapies that can help you to get out of that negative process.

Among all these therapies and treatments running and jogging is also a wonderful way to fight depression. Let’s find out the amazing benefits of jogging or running in case of depression. (Also read: Can a traumatic incident lead to depression)

 It releases the happy hormones
Running or jogging helps to release the happy hormones namely dopamine and serotonin. When you are running outside your body feels active and refreshed. It also helps to reduce the levels of cortisol hormone. Cortisol hormone is a stress hormone, that affects the mental state of the person in a negative way.

It helps you to get better and sound sleep
When you run or jog then you get involved in a process that helps your body to come out of a dull and lethargic state. This exercise routine will help you to get a good night’s sleep. (Also read: 5 non-drug therapies for fighting depression)

Running or jogging improves your mood
When you jog or run outside, you feel more connected to the outside world. It helps you to improve your mood and feel positive about life in general. Depression takes away the feeling of joy from the person in such cases running helps to restore that feeling.

It sets a positive mental image
Active participation in running or jogging helps you to feel positive about your self-image. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and positive vibes. This way it becomes easy for you to fight depression. (Also read: How music therapy can help to fight the depression)

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