Happy people can be depressed too

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Happy people can be depressed too

Yes, you heard it right! Even the happiest people can be depressed too. We often mistake when we see someone smiling or laughing. We think that the person is quite happy and do not even think for a second that something might be troubling them. They often tend to hide their pain and grief with the mask of happiness. However, they are so deeply broken from inside that they try to make others happy. We often think that they are happy thus they cannot be depressed or sad. We usually see many people around us who believe in spreading happiness. Have you ever thought what made them like this? We never know that they might be completely broken from inside. Let’s discuss how a happy person can be depressed too. (Also read: How to help your friend to come out of depression)

Can Happy people be depressed too?

  • We must have heard the saying that the most pretty eyes have cried the saddest tears. Same goes for the smiling lips and the kind heart. Those who have seen the worst in life, try to hide their grief with a mask of laughter or smile on their face. When someone is hurt deep inside, they try to hide their pain. They have a fear of becoming vulnerable and they do not believe in sympathy. Eventually, they try to shield themselves by spreading happiness all around.
  • Such people do not believe in showing off their sadness in public. They have seen the worst in life, which makes them strong enough to hide their grief. As a result, they often hang out with their friends and try to make others laugh as much as they can. They have realised the pain of a tear and hurt. (Also read: What are the physical symptoms of depression)
  • Besides this, it becomes their nature to hide their pain. They might be in a strong depression but their way of showing it is quite unusual. They are alone and broken deep inside but that never comes on their face. One cannot perceive if the person is depressed or happy in a real sense.
  • Depression does not happen with a single failure. It is a series of failures and sadness that makes a person fall into the oceans of deep sorrow. They start feeling isolated and eventually start questioning their existence. Failure in a job, heartbreak, losing a family member, physical deformity, broken friendship, unsuccessful career etc. can hurt the person deep inside to make him depressed.
  • Many people have smiling depression. They keep on smiling even in the situations where they ought not to. They do not realise but they cover up their grief with a smile on their face. Consciously or subconsciously, such people smile in ever situation whatsoever.
  • We should never judge a person by his habits or smile. Try to watch out their actions closely and in case you feel that the person lacks people in life to share his grief with, be all your ears to him. It will definitely help them to cope up with their depressed state. (Also read: Difference of depression in males and females)
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